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Happy Fathers Day!
by posted 06/19/2021

On Father’s Day please know how much the South Orlando Babe Ruth Family appreciates all Dads!

You push your players to see what they can be rather then what they are.

Teaching them how to hit off a tee and throwing countless strikes to them in the back yard or neighborhood park.

Wanting to catch them before they fall, yet holding back so you can pick them up to let them learn to try again.

Helping them understand how to be a good sport even when they don’t understanding every rule or call.

Researching how to eliminate a throwing hitch, correct a batting swing, or pick off a runner.

Getting them in the zone and keeping them together when they want to unravel.

Driving them to be Number One, while still keeping the game fun.

Getting the funds and traveling the miles so they can show off all they have.

Giving unconditionally as you believe in them and know you are only one person in the world but you are the world to them.

Knowing you are the one they look up to no matter how tall they grow, and always remembering you are your Player’s first Hero.

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End of Season does not Mean End of Savings!
by posted 05/06/2021

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End of Season does not Mean End of Savings!


Go Dick's Sporting Goods!!!!

Coaches & Parents:
As a proud supporter of our league, DICK's Sporting Goods offers our families discounts that are valid YEAR-ROUND! You can find our DICK'S Team Sports Coupon by clicking the link found on our homepage. Feel free to BOOKMARK or SAVE A COPY ON YOUR PHONE for future use! We hope you find these discounts useful and are able to take advantage when shopping at our local DICK's Sporting Goods store this year.


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New Bat Rules
by posted 08/15/2019


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Approved Bats


This Spring 2018 the Cal Ripken Divisions (T-Ball, Rookies, Minors, & Majors) can only use a Bat with the NEW USABat marking. These Bats started selling in stores and on-line in September 2017. 

USA Bat Marking - 


Our South Orlando Babe Ruth league - for the Spring 2018 Season we will ONLY allow the new standard bats with the USABat markings for these divisions.


2018 Bat-Rules
All Baseball & Softball approved bats 

For all the details on current Approved Bats always refer to the Babe Ruth HQ website:

(QuestionsEmail:     / Call: 407-487-2969

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How its made - a Baseball
by RogerTamborlane posted 11/22/2013

How its made  - a Baseball

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How It's Made Baseball Gloves
by posted 11/21/2013

How It's Made Baseball Gloves

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How Its Made Carbon Fiber Bats
by RogerTamborlane posted 08/28/2013

How Its Made  - Carbon Fiber Bats

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